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Homfy Pillow Review

Homfy is a sleep brand that sells cotton based products including pillows, sheets, duvets, and comforters.



Sizing and Pricing

The Homfy pillow comes in one size:

  • Standard/Queen: $39.99


  • Comfort:    The Homfy pillow is made with organic cotton and is super soft
  • Temperature:  Heat dissipates quickly from the Homfy pillow 
  • Smell:  The Homfy pillow is hypoallergenic and there was no smell

The Homfy pillow is made with organic cotton and is hypoallergenic. They come as a set of two and are thin in loft. If you prefer a taller pillow, the pillows could fit together in a pillow case to increase the loft if necessary.


The Homfy pillow has a soft cotton weave cover and fluffed cotton interior. Keep in mind that the Homfy pillow is not very structured or supportive. The pillow bottoms out under the weight of the testers head and doesn’t provide much, if any, support to her head and neck. Also, the fluffed cotton interior feels like it may lump together over some use.

The Homfy pillow would be best suited for stomach sleepers, or sleepers who prefer a very thin and soft pillow. The Homfy pillows do come in a set of two for only $39.99 which make them great throw pillows for a guest bed or as decorative pillows.



The Homfy pillow is made of organic cotton which has a lot of give. The 10 pound weight compressed the pillow by 3 inches and bounce back quickly after it was removed. As you can see below the Homfy pillow doesn’t provide much support as the 10 pound weight bottoms it out right away.

 Loft 6″

10lb Kettlebell: 3” indentation, 3” loft



Though the Homfy pillow is 100% cotton which does hold on to heat during our infrared test. After the hand was removed the highest recorded pillow temperature was 86° which dropped to 77°. If you sleep hot you may find yourself flipping the Homfy pillow all night long.

For the infrared test a hand was placed on the Homfy pillow for one minute and off for one minute.

Sped up at 3x.

After the hand was removed the highest recorded pillow temperature was 86° which dropped to 77°.



  • Trial Period: 30 day return period
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • Returns: Free returns
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty


The Homfy pillow may not make a great everyday pillow because the soft cotton interior will clump together after some use. It may be better suited as a throw pillow or a filler on a guest bed.


  • Organic cotton
  • Soft feel
  • Pack of 2