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MyPillow is a pillow manufacturing company that boasts their patented interlocking polyfoam pillow design.


Price:$79.95 - $89.95

Sizing and Pricing

The My Pillow comes in two sizes:

  • Standard/Queen: $79.95 
  • King: $89.95


  • Comfort: Adjustable feel for your desired level of comfort
  • Temperature:  Heat dissipates quickly from the MyPillow 
  • Smell:  There was a faint smell when unboxing which dissipated within a few hours

The MyPillow is made with a patented interlocking fill which allows you to adjust the loft just by fluffing. It features a cotton cover and 100% shredded polyurethane foam interior. Though, there is no zipper or removable cover for washing or adjusting the fill level. The entire pillow is machine washable and dryer safe. 

Standard size is 18.5″ x 28″



The interlocking foam interior gives the MyPillow a lumpy feeling. The MyPillows’ adjustable polyfoam interior allows you to fluff and adjust to fit your needs. When fluffing, the loose pieces of polyfoam stick together to increase the loft. These pieces can be separated again by shaking the pillow to decrease the loft.

A plus for the MyPillow is that it can be easily manipulated fit your sleeping position or desired comfort level. Conversely, if you don’t like adjusting your pillow between each position the MyPillow may not be a good fit.

For our tester, the MyPillow will work for back and side sleeping but her head is slightly elevated past the neutral resting position when sleeping on her stomach.



Loft: 6″

10lb: 3” indentation, 4”loft

When the 10 pound weight is placed on the MyPillow the surrounding surface buckles. The interlocking polyfoam filling does not support the weight well, and doesn’t bounce back fully after the weight is removed. Although, it can easily be manually fluffed to regain its original shape. When you lay your head down the pillow will conform around you.



The MyPillow is one of the coolest pillows we’ve tested. The interlocking polyfoam fill allows for more airflow than memory foam pillows. If you’re flipping over to the cool side of the pillow all night the MyPillow may help keep you cool.

For the infrared test a hand was placed on the MyPillow for one minute and off for one minute.

Sped up at 3x.

After the hand was removed the highest recorded pillow temperature was 86° which dropped to 75°.



  • Trial Period: 60 day trial
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • Returns: Free returns
  • Warranty: 10 year warranty


For the cost, there are much better options out there than the MyPillow. There is a sparse amount of interlocking fill that makes the MyPillow feel lumpy and cheap.


  • Adjustable feel
  • Machine washable
  • Cotton cover