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Night Pillow Review

Night believes in optimizing the way you sleep. The Night pillow not only offers better sleep, but better skin and hair too.


Price:$150 - $200

Sizing and Pricing

The Night pillow comes in two sizes:

  • Standard/Queen: $150
  • King: $200


  • Comfort:  The Night pillow is solid memory foam and has a firm feel
  • Temperature:  The Night pillows memory foam interior traps more heat than other similar pillows
  • Smell:    There was a faint smell that dissipated over a few hours

The Night pillow cover is 95% mulberry silk and 5% spandex, whereas the pillow itself has a solid, 100% memory foam core.


The silk cover of the Night pillow is meant to be slept on by itself. This cover is gentle on the skin and hair, and the black color is to draw light away from your eyes. For cleaning just wash and tumble dry on low.

With a loft of 5″ the Night pillow elevates the testers head above neutral in back and stomach sleeping positions. The Night pillow holds the testers head at a neutral position in the side sleeping position. Because the Night pillow cover is made of mostly silk it is fairly slippery. Our tester noted that it felt like her head was slipping off as she was resting on it. The memory foam was also very firm but should soften up over time.

If you are looking for a memory foam core pillow, plus want to take better care of your skin the Night pillow may be a good option for you.



Loft: 5″

10lb weight: 2” indentation, 4” loft

The Night pillow is one solid piece of memory foam which is deeply contouring when pressure is applied. Though the silk spandex cover bounces back immediately as you can see in the test below. If you need a super supportive pillow the Night will keep your head and neck in place while you sleep.

The memory foam absorbs the weight and it doesn’t effect the surrounding pillow surface.



Traditionally, memory foam is known to get hot at night and that’s just what happened in our infrared test. Though, the silk blend cover is cool to the touch so when you get hot just roll to the other side for an instant cool down.

After the hand was removed the highest recorded pillow temperature was 88° which dropped to 79°. It remained 2° hotter on average.

For the infrared test a hand was placed on the Night pillow for one minute and off for one minute.

Sped up at 3x.



  • Trial Period: 101 night trial
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • Returns: Free returns
  • Warranty: 3 year warranty


For sleeper sleepers that love a firm memory foam pillow, the Night Pillow may be their match. Although, the $150 price tag is steep. If $150 is out of your price range, a memory foam pillow and silk pillowcase can be purchased separately at a much lower cost to achieve, essentially, the same result.


  • 95% mullberry silk, 5% spandex pillow cover
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair
  • Memory foam core layer